NTNU Hackerspace

NTNU Hackerspace is a pilot project to promote self-discovery and new thinking, which support social and technological innovation. HackerSpace is equipped with drones, 3D printer leap motion, robot kits and Oculus Rift to name a few. Individuals can gather to work on projects like; deconstruct and rebuild computers, electronics, and equipment; share knowledge; and collaborate on ideas, which leads to better inventions and innovations. HackerSpace hosts regular courses for both beginners and advanced students.

We wish to do this with as much engagement as possible with the broader maker community to leverage the fantastic energy and talents of everyone doing beautiful things. Our emphasis will be threefold:

  1. Self-directed learning (building your own project as a better motivator to engage in IT),
  2. Lower the cost of building and realizing dream projects through lower cost tools (software and hardware),
  3. Making making more social and engaging.

Whether you are a first grader who needs help with your first Arduino project or a fourth grader who wants to create a 3D model of Trondheim, we can provide both equipment and expertise. Please find more information here.