Aim and Objectives

Profile and Vision

Our vision is to put Norway in the forefront of innovative IT education and make IT an increasingly more attractive study choice for young people, by focusing on:

  1. Enhance the learning in our study programs through increased student engagement and cross-campus collaboration and co-reflection among students and staff.
  2. Enhance motivation and career-readiness of the candidates by increased collaboration with potential employers in the design, delivery and quality assurance of the education.
  3. Attract diverse talent to IT studies and profession by improving the knowledge of IT and its possible career paths among Norway’s pre-university youth.

The center’s mission is to contribute towards the complete “pipeline” by:

  1. informing students and allowing them to take a conscious and informed decision,
  2. supporting them throughout their studies with a state of the art technologies and practices for the increasing needs, and
  3. bridging them with the industry and allowing them to attain the needed competencies in an ideal creative and real-life playground.